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Alumni Say...

"St. Paul will always be special to me because of a dedicated teaching staff and administration that truly cared about each and every student. The 8th grade Washington, D.C. trip especially comes to mind, as it shows how dedicated they were to giving me a solid grasp of our nation’s history, while at the same time giving us an opportunity to have a good time with our friends." --Garrett Franskousky - Class of 2008

"I have so many wonderful memories of St. Paul Lutheran as I was baptized at only 12 days old and have been part of the St. Paul family ever since. With my mom being a teacher there, I remember literally growing up at St. Paul from early mornings to late afternoons and playing in the classrooms over the summers. Some of my favorite things would have to be being part of the athletic teams; softball, volleyball and definitely cheerleading with Mrs. Walcheski. As far as a teacher, Mr. Schiefer was impactful because he sparked my love for math and really pushed to enhance my knowledge through puzzles and fun math challenges. Finally, I was extremely inspired by Sandy Wright as my art teacher. Art is a passion of mine and the creativity I was able to see in myself was all due to her vision and skills as a teacher. Thank you for all the memories!!" --Allison Dorlac - Class of 1997

"What made St. Paul so great was the atmosphere around the school and church. The teachers and the friends I made are memories I will have forever. The athletics and the class trips where some of the best times of my life." --John Haberlein - Class of 2004

"St Paul instilled my roots in Christ and provided memories and friends that I will have for the rest of my life. Each teacher left a special mark on raising me to become the person I am today. They helped strengthen my faith in Christ so I can help others to see the wonderful gift of love Jesus has to offer." --Kyle Cruz - Class of 2008

"My 8th grade class trip to Washington, D.C. made St. Paul Lutheran School so special to me. I learned firsthand about the nation’s capital while having a great bonding experience with my classmates and teachers." --Julie Spinner - Class of 2009

"I am so thankful I got to go to St. Paul from K-8th grade. I had amazing teachers and I got to make lifelong friends. St. Paul helped me learn and grow in my relationship with Christ and it continues to grow deeper as I see His faithfulness in my life. One of my best memories at St. Paul was being with all my friends on our Washington, D.C. trip. I wish St. Paul had a high school, I miss it so much…it’s like family to me!" --Taylor Cruz - Class of 2010

"Although it has been over 20 years since I attended St. Paul, I still look back on my years there with fond memories. My time at St. Paul helped me develop a strong foundation spiritually and academically. The caring and dedicated teachers created an environment where the students felt safe and secure. Those teachers were influential in my decision to become an educator, and I had the privilege of returning to St. Paul a few years ago as a teacher. I am so thankful to be part of the St. Paul family!" --Sara (Slinker) Willocks – Class of 1990

"St. Paul was and is my family. What made St. Paul special to me were the friends I made. My best friends to this day went to St. Paul. They are the people I lean on during hard times and celebrate with during the good times. My favorite experience was going to Valparaiso, Indiana in 2004 for the National Basketball Tournament." --Michael Crowley - Class of 2003

"I have very fond memories of Mrs. Kondras (K), Mrs. Anderson (1st), and Mrs. Dorlac (3rd)! However, my favorite (and crystal clear) memories are of the 'giant field' in the back of the school where we played soccer, baseball, and 'Kill the Man With the Ball'! We always played class vs. class and it was very competitive. I love seeing all of the changes to the beautiful campus today, but I'm glad that 'our giant field' remains!" --Scott MacLaren - 5th Grade Class of 1984

"Many of my best friends to this day are people I met at St. Paul. My favorite memory is traveling to Valparaiso, Indiana as part of the 2003-04 Lutheran Basketball State Champs. St. Paul will always be a second home to me." --Ryan Crowley - Class of 2004

"I am so thankful to have gone to St. Paul Lutheran School for 8 years. My best friend to this day is a friend I met in first grade at St. Paul. Though we went on to different high schools and are now attending college in different states, she is someone I can always count on to be there for me. St. Paul and its wonderful faculty and staff create an environment that helps its students form lifelong bonds." --Ashlan Bishop - Class of 2008

"I'm so grateful for St. Paul Lutheran School. I have so many great memories and am thankful for everyone I met there, including all of the teachers. St. Paul gave me a firm foundation in my faith and made me the person I am today. I still consider the people from my class one big family and I wouldn't trade my years at St. Paul for anything." --Sarah Freglette - Class of 2009

"St. Paul was a very special place to me growing up and going to school. St. Paul is special because of the faculty and staff and the love, support, and passion that every teacher showed every day in the classroom. The relationships built at St. Paul with both staff and students are still carried with me." --Ben Walcheski – Class of 2005

"St. Paul Lutheran was a second home to me, literally. I felt extremely safe knowing my parents worked there, as well as numerous trustworthy teachers. Playing on the basketball teams from 5th – 8th grade were certainly my favorite memories. My 7th grade year we became the first team in school history to win States. We defended our title my 8th grade year as well, finishing 5th at Nationals at Valparaiso University. I developed a great group of friends, with whom I still stay in contact with to this day." --Zach Krempler - Class of 2004

"My time spent at St. Paul was a truly life-shaping experience for me. I attended St. Paul from pre-Kindergarten through 8th grade and I am so thankful for my parents making the extra effort for me to go to a school grounded in Christ with an environment of safety and family. St. Paul was an outstanding learning environment as well as a wonderful spiritual environment. St. Paul helped to strengthen and grow my faith and be confident in myself as a child of Christ. High school is a time when kids are taken out of their comfort zone and try so hard to fit in and to find their niche. Going away to college finally caused me to appreciate just how life-shaping attending St. Paul was for me. St. Paul helped me to always put God first in my life and to never sacrifice my relationship with God for anything or anyone else. It is easy to become lost in high school and not be true to yourself but St. Paul and its outstanding staff solidified my confidence in myself as well as in my values and beliefs. I have never had a relationship with a teacher quite like the ones I made and continue to maintain from St. Paul. A few of the teachers that influenced my education as well as my life during my years at St. Paul still continue to play a part in my life today. St. Paul provided me with a wonderful education as well as a strong and deep relationship with God and the people in my life. Although I did not realize it while I was attending St. Paul, I am so blessed and thankful that the school and its staff greatly shaped me into the person I am today." --Kate Schnake – Class of 2008

"St. Paul’s teachers made a big impression on my life…thank you to Sylvia Bone, Jane Anderson, Linda Anderson, Barbara Dorlac and Judy Gerber for instilling my interest in learning and for caring about me. The good memories are too numerous to list: operettas, chapel on Friday, library movies (including an unforgettable seahorse film), Christmas pageants, and the cool concrete pipes on the playground are but a few!" --Cheryl (Wilmarth) Boza - Class of 1977

"What makes St. Paul special to me are the friendships that were gained while going to school and church. I am also thankful for St. Paul’s youth group while I was there and Mr. Hardies who was always there for me then and still today." --Eric Wargo - Class of 2003

"St. Paul is special to me because it has always been there for my family and me through the ups and downs. My favorite memory from St. Paul overall would be the bond my class had from year to year. Everyone knowing each other made school a fun and comfortable environment. I am thankful for St. Paul because it has been there for me and I know that it always will be. Thank you to all the teachers, pastors, and coaches." --Matthew Wargo - Class of 2009

"There are a lot of different things that have made St. Paul special to me. Most of the friends I can count on today are people I met in Kindergarten or earlier at St. Paul. I can’t think of a teacher that I didn’t like, and I even (almost) started to enjoy the Science Fair. However, the thing I love most about St. Paul is how we truly are a family. The school has always supported and loved my family whenever we needed it, and that is what is truly irreplaceable." --Ashley Wargo - Class of 2005

"St. Paul Lutheran School and Church has been my second home. The sense of community and all of the love and support from everyone over all of the years has been very comforting. I loved every teacher I had and have distinct memories from each grade. Some of my favorite memories include: the fashion show, all of our field trips, being a member of the choir and handbell choir, and of course cheering for our Falcons. It isn't until you graduate St. Paul that you really appreciate how wonderful of a place it is. I love going to church or any events to see so many familiar faces and feeling the sense of home and belongingness." --Kristy Berg – Class of 2004

"St. Paul Lutheran School offers so much more than just an education. The teachers and staff bring a family environment to their educational approach creating bonds that far outlive just a student’s time at St. Paul. This openness encourages students to branch out of their comfort zone and achieve things they never thought possible. I am proud to say I am an alumni of this amazing school and thank the teachers and staff for their dedication to teaching education, life lessons, and most importantly Christian values." --Ryan Berg - Class of 2000

"I have a lot for which to thank St. Paul Lutheran School. I became Head Drum Major in high school due to the excellent instruction from Mr. Weng during band. I have Mrs. Krempler, Mrs. Friedrichs, and Mrs. Wegener to thank for preparing me for college level English classes during my high school years. I also thank Mr. Vollman, Mrs. Tumminello, and Mr. Schiefer for giving me excellent math and science skills that have helped me attain straight A's throughout high school. Most importantly, I will thank every St. Paul teacher that I have had from pre-kindergarten to 8th grade, for the spiritual guidance that they gave me when I become a pastor and step into the pulpit for the first time to preach my first sermon." --Myles Hayden- Class of 2009