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Application Process

The school admits and does not discriminate against students on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in the administration of its educational policies, financial policies, athletic, or any other school-administered programs.

Priority in admission is granted to current students, siblings, and members of St. Paul Lutheran Church. Other admissions policies and enrollment information are as follows for students in Pre-kindergarten(3) through 8th grade: 

1. St. Paul Lutheran School follows the age requirements of the State of Florida for

    entrance into school. To begin PK 3, children must be 3 years of age on or before

    September 1st and be COMPLETELY POTTY TRAINED. No pull-ups or diapers may be

    worn. To begin PK 4, children must be 4 years of age, Kindergarten, 5 years of age on or

    before September 1st.

2. All new applications are dependent upon an interview with the administration, consideration

    of available school records, and admissions testing for grades K-8. An Admissions Review

    Committee evaluates new student applications. The new student application fee is required at

    the time of application. This fee is non-refundable.

3. An academic test is required for new students K-8 applying to St. Paul. Current report cards

    and achievement test information is needed for enrollment consideration. All children new to

    St. Paul who are enrolling in Kindergarten will participate in the Gesell School readiness

    Screening at a cost of $55. A $55 fee is charged for testing grades 1 through 8.  This fee is


4. New students as well as students who enroll in PK3, PK4, kindergarten and grade seven

    must have a current record of complete physical examination together with a complete

    immunization record on Florida forms. Your doctor will have the forms required by the State

    of Florida.

5. Applications for admission for new students are accepted for the next school year beginning