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Art Program

The goal of the visual arts program at St. Paul is to provide an outlet for creative personal expression in a Christian environment. It combines experiences using the four disciplines in the study of art: art production, art criticism, art history, and aesthetics. These four disciplines are important in providing a complete, well rounded art program.

Students learn the appropriate skills to express themselves in two-dimensional and three-dimensional art forms in a variety of medium. Each grade level has a curriculum developed to increase the understanding of the elements and principle of art and to encourage each student to use the appropriate vocabulary to express their understanding of art. Artwork from various artists is introduced at each grade level to further enhance the art program.

Through a volunteer art history program, students in grades kindergarten through fifth are introduced to artists in their homeroom class. The goal of this program is for the students to develop an appreciation for art history.

To foster a pride in their artwork, students’ projects are displayed in the classroom, school office, school library, community exhibits, and at the annual school art show in May.