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Language Arts

The Language Arts program is an essential ingredient in the educational process at St. Paul. Reading, writing, speaking, listening, and spelling components are integrated into appropriate levels from Pre-Kindergarten 3 through 8th grade.

Language Arts instruction is multifaceted. Traditional teaching methods are intertwined with group projects and creative expression.Various computer applications also enhance study.The Accelerated Reader program builds comprehension and increases a student’s reading level in grades 1-8.

Reading is an anchor of the program. There is a reading/literature series that is used, but we also utilize various age appropriate novels.Students are frequently read to by teachers during class or by other adults (S.T.A.R.); younger children read with older children (buddies); independent readers take part in teacher-directed groups as well as the individualized Accelerated Reader Program.

Students learn to express themselves orally and in written form. Spelling bees, debates, Poetry Reading Day, readers’ theater, plays, and speeches are held.Writing across the curriculum takes place in the form of science, social studies, and religion essays.Keeping journals, writing poems, skits, and stories develop creative expression.Some of our students have had work published and/or entered into various contests.

Off campus field trips to local plays heighten the students’ awareness of language arts in the community. Various speakers and visiting authors have been brought on campus to round out our program.

As our students work toward mastering the skills involved in language arts, the primary goal is for the Christian student to shape all written and verbal communication to the service and glory of God.

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