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Welcome to the Library

Library Staff

Jan Zink
Mrs. Janice Zink, Librarian

Miriam Perez
     Mrs. Miriam Perez, Assistant Librarian


The library is open from 7:45 am to 3:05 pm on regular school days.  The library closes at noon on early dismissal days.


Students using the library after 2:40 pm MUST be accompanied by a parent or guardian.  This policy is strictly enforced to avoid delays in the pickup line and for the safety of our students.

Parents are not allowed in the Library Computer area when students are taking tests or Accelerated Reader (AR) quizzes.

Students who have been out sick/not in attendance may NOT come to the library after school to take AR quizzes or check out books.

Students must have their AR/Reading Log with them to check out a book or to take an AR quiz.  In addition, their log must be properly filled out and signed by their teacher in order to take an AR quiz.

Class Schedules

Every class is scheduled for weekly library time.  In addition to their scheduled class time, the library is accessible to students throughout the day with their teacher’s approval, provided a class is not in session.

Checkout Period

Each class has its own scheduled weekly library time.  Books are checked out for 1 or 2 weeks.  Check out is limited to one book per student.  With the Librarian’s permission, students in good standing may check out a second book for special projects or research.  All students must have their AR folder with them in order to check out a book.

NO BOOK will be checked out to a student who has an overdue book.

Library Fees

Fines are assessed for overdue books, following one day of grace.

For Grades PreKindergarten and Kindergarten, no fines are assessed.

For Grades 1 – 5, fines are computed at the rate of 10 cents for each day the book is overdue, not including weekends or school holidays.

For Grades 6 – 8, fines are computed at the rate of 25 cents for each day the book is overdue, not including weekends or school holidays. 

Attendance records are not kept in the library, so if your child was absent due to illness, please include a note with the book when it is returned and any fines accrued will be forgiven.  Replacement fees are assessed for lost or damaged books. Costs vary depending on the value of the book.

Library Patrons

Individuals who contribute a new hardcover book or a monetary gift to the library are Library Patrons.  Although patronage is welcome at any time, students will receive an invitation to become a Library Patron during the month of their birthday.  Patrons are invited to contact the Librarian to discuss book selection or obtain a copy of the Library Wish List.  Patron gifts of $100 or more are acknowledged with a ‘gold’ leaf, engraved with the student’s name, placed on the Library Tree of Knowledge.

Book Fair

The Book Fair is a major source of funding and acquisitions for the library.  This weeklong event is held in the Fall and is staffed by library personnel and volunteers.


The library is a busy and exciting place on campus.  Many volunteers are needed to help the library serve our school community effectively. Volunteers are needed to assist classes during their weekly library time to read to students and also to help at the annual Book Fair in the fall.

Summer Reading Challenge

We encourage students to participate in summer reading.  Summer reading is fun reading!

It's best to choose books that are not AR titles. Download the Summer Reading Log (see below) and write down the title and author of each book read.

Students in grades K-8 are invited to participate.

Kindergarteners may participate by having books read to them.

Grades K – 4 are asked to read a minimum of 10 books.

Grades 5 – 8 are asked to read a minimum of 6 books.

Required summer reading (for certain grades) may be included.

Students who reach this goal and return their reading log to the library in August will be recognized and have their names placed on the Library Bulletin Board.

Please Click Here to go to the Parent Forms page to download the current Summer Reading Log to print and fill out over the summer!