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St. Paul uses the Saxon math program. In the early childhood and primary grades (K-2), the program is taught at grade level and consists of five components: the Daily Meeting, the Lesson, Written Practice, Facts Practice, and Oral and Written Assessments. Mathletics provides additional skill building and challenges. Other computer programs are individually recommended.The third grade (Intermediate 3) uses a book with the basics, Power-Ups for practice and thinking enrichment. Beginning with this level each student accesses the math book online. This allows the student to complete homework without carrying the book home daily. In the intermediate and middle grades (4-8), mathematics is taught simultaneously throughout the school and students are placed in a math class that corresponds to their ability level and achievement. Thus, a 7th grade student may be placed in a 7th grade math class, 8th grade Pre-Algebra class, or Algebra I class. New students entering grades 4th-8th are given a placement test.

The goal of mathematics instruction at St. Paul is to challenge each student without frustrating him/her. It is designed to provide a stimulating environment for students in need of remediation and students gifted in mathematics. Gifted students in mathematics have an opportunity to complete a high school level Algebra I class in 7th/8thgrade and Geometry I class using Florida Virtual School.

The success of the Saxon math program at St. Paul is demonstrated by the results of the SAT (Stanford Achievement Test) scores. Consistently the school average has been above the 70th percentile which is above the national percentile. Class averages in the Middle School (6, 7, and 8th grades) have been above the 80th and 90th percentile.A math specialist assists classroom teachers by monitoring student progress and analyzing test results. Information from student tests is used to advise teachers which concepts to review and which students need remediation.