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Science / STEM

The mission of our Science Department is to inspire children to have inquisitive minds. To do this, we seek to help students to acquire the skills necessary to: become logical problem-solvers, work cooperatively in groups, and be able to use all types of traditional and modern resources to find answers to their questions.

The Science Curriculum at St. Paul Lutheran School has been designed to provide students with a comprehensive overview of all areas of science, using interactive lessons and other innovative uses of technology. The concept of the scientific method is introduced as early as pre-kindergarten and is reinforced continuously to 8th grade. Traditional textbook and teacher-directed learning is enhanced by the use of online video clips, laboratory work, hands-on activities, group work, and demonstrations, as well as on-line textbook and activities. A classroom set of laptops is used extensively for research and writing, as well as for “WebQuests”, interactive activities, and virtual labs. All our students learn to see the beauty of God’s creation with the inquiring minds of budding scientists.


The S.T.E.M. program is a robotics program for 6th, 7th and 8th graders. The program we use for 6th grade STEM is LEGO education's Simple and Powered Machines. The students use investigation and problem-solving skills to design, make models, and observe the behavior of these models. The curriculum is designed for students to work in partners, collaborating as they work towards the same goal. The 7th grade program uses Lego NXT Mindstorm to follow a series of pre-designed programs to help in understanding how to program a robot. The 8th grade program uses the more advanced Legos EV3 robots, where students do the programming themselves. The students discuss how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math are part of programming robots to perform simple and complex tasks.

Students must meet the following criteria for S.T.E.M.: The students need to be on track for Algebra as an 8th grader or Pre-Algebra as a 7th grader. The student needs to have an A or B average for the school year in the academic areas of science and math. The student needs to have a 7, 8, or 9 Stanine on the SAT test in the areas of science and math.The student must have a minimum GPA of 3.50 for the school year.The student must also demonstrate good behavior throughout the school year in order to be considered for the program and show a high level of reliability and responsibility.