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Spanish at St. Paul provides an introduction to the Spanish language. It begins in our Early Childhood program as students are introduced to simple vocabulary that corresponds with the weekly theme. Songs and repetition allow opportunities for children to practice the language. The elementary and middle school grades meet on a rotating class schedule.Students learn the basic vocabulary and expressions to start understanding questions and commands.They also learn through songs and games.

In middle school, 6th grade students learn basic grammar, simple dialogs, simple reading comprehension stories, and writing sentences.In 7th and 8th grade students work on grammar, vocabulary, basic conversation, culture, and the geographies of South America and Central America.The goal is for students to attain a basic degree of proficiency to feel comfortable when they take Spanish I in high school.

"Duolingo" ( and "Flipgrid" ( video discussion platform” are included in our Spanish program. These programs are designed to increase interaction with the Spanish language and peers. The programs help the student feel more comfortable in practicing the grammar, listening, and speaking skills.