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Technology at St. Paul is constantly expanding to enhance student learning. There are over 200 computer workstations on the campus of St. Paul Lutheran School. Thirty-one of these computers are found in the computer lab, fifteen in the library, with others dispersed throughout all the classrooms, the Spanish lab, and the administration offices including our After School Care rooms. All of the computers are networked together, sharing software programs and Internet access.

We have five classroom sets of Chromebooks, located on carts. This enables teachers to use computers in their classrooms, using wireless technology with the entire class so students can access the Internet from any classroom using Google Apps for class assignments. The carts are shared across the different grade levels.Our early childhood students benefit from an iPad Center.

Students from kindergarten through eighth grade have regularly scheduled computer classes. Technology curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation in computer science, encourage creativity, and allow active participation in the learning process. Skills taught include keyboarding, Internet research, word processing, spreadsheets, desktop publishing, presentations, digital image, and video editing as well as an introduction to computer programming.

Mounted LCD projectors and screens have been added to every classroom. Teachers use the projectors to demonstrate projects, show movies, download and project images, and teach Internet lessons. Sixteen classrooms have surround sound audio systems used in conjunction with a teacher microphone so all children can hear the teacher clearly throughout the room. Document cameras are used in all classrooms, allowing students to see a projection of a paper, maps, books, or three-dimensional objects the teacher has chosen to be viewed. Nearly every classroom is outfitted with a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard (also known as a SmartBoard). Classrooms are continually updated to remain current with today's technology.

St. Paul Lutheran School is using FACTS, a tool that hosts school and student information online, classroom web pages, weekly newsletters, assignments and grades. Parents can securely and privately access their child’s grades by using their e-mail address and password. Teachers post grades and FACTS provides an excellent way for parents to stay aware of how their child is progressing in school.

As technology improvements are made in our world, St. Paul Lutheran School strives to incorporate those improvements into its teaching methods. Teachers attend computer and technology training sessions to continue to update their own knowledge and use of technology. The school board, principal, and teachers are committed to the implementation and improvement of technology at St. Paul. This will benefit all the children and empower them in an increasingly technological world.